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Adult Massage London - The D LUX







for the hedonist of either sex





Now is the moment…



… to give up to the intoxicating touch of naked splendour as your Masseuse alternately lavishes healing strokes and long-awaited caresses just where you longed to feel them, irresistibly soft and appropriately firm in escalating motion towards the expanding limits of your excitement…


A unique sequence of particular visual intensity and tactile potency, this is energy in motion, irresistibly drawing you into the verve of the fullest sensual expression. Whether you choose to ride a single towering wave of sensual anticipation that breaks in a release of amazing power, or to enjoy the gentler ebb and flow of successive tides of pleasure, the element of bliss is at your command…




Adult Massage London - The D LUX



Adult Massage London use a specially formulated hypoallergenic non-staining massage oil, smoke-free candles and incense.


Please consult FAQ, Terms and Client Conduct for your perfect Adult Massage Experience.





Prices are exclusive of transport; bookings in Central London may incur a £35 taxi fare, other areas subject to quote.


Please note all bookings outside of business hours (1PM – 2AM) incur a 40% surcharge.


Adult Massage London reserve the right to change any stated price without prior notice at all times.




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