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Adult Massage London - The Double



Newly offered in three durations, with or without an ELM(*), for your unrivalled sensual indulgence












A compellingly rich sensual indulgence, The Double is the most coveted display of our luxuriant imagination and sensual daring.


Renowned among demanding connoisseurs of intimate massage as the platinum standard of the four-hand nude luxury sensual massage experience, it has become a paradigm of the ultimate indulgence for the sight and the touch, with unprecedented excitement exquisitely resolved into the purest state of relaxation.


An entrancing flow of seductive motion by the ravishing Masseuses, especially adept at the secret arts of rousing and containing your pleasure unique to the Double, this Massage is a mind-shattering extravaganza to tempt you twice as far past the limits of sensual abandon.


Performed by an exquisitely matched duo completing your visual delight, catching the irresistibly smouldering rhythm of the music as each one brings her unique flair to achieve your transcendent sensual bliss, balancing you on the edge of release while revelling in their luxuriant display– this is the stuff recurring dreams are made of…


(*) The Enhanced Leisure Massage- ELM


One of our choicest signature offerings, the ELM has been purposely crafted as the intuitive prelude to dissolve stress and ease you into limitless enjoyment of the entire delectable scope of The Double Classic. It has also become prized by our established Clients as a profound enhancement to their Adult Massage London Experience. 






Adult Massage London - The Double



Adult Massage London use a specially formulated hypoallergenic non-staining massage oil, smoke-free candles and incense.


Please consult FAQ, Terms and Client Conduct for your perfect Adult Massage Experience.





Prices are exclusive of transport; bookings in Central London may incur a £35 taxi fare, other areas subject to quote.


Please note all bookings outside of business hours (1PM – 2AM) incur a 40% surcharge.


Adult Massage London reserve the right to change any stated price without prior notice at all times.




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