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Adult Massage London - The Lady












An Utterly Personal Indulgence




A relaxing moment of intimate serenity and a gentle sensual attuning, the Lady reveals the secret feminine side of the pleasures of Adult Massage. 


An indulgent combination of pampering caresses, healing strokes and the gentlest of skimming touches, blending the principles of Ayurveda and Taoist techniques, the Lady brings the ultimate experience of personal sensual luxury, enhanced with an atmosphere of mystique arising from a careful selection of music, calming incense and the nurturing full-body contact with the attentive


Masseuse. A unique nude massage experience, designed with your deepest well-being in mind, it attends to your emotions, your senses and your body for the most profound relaxation.


Care, tact and thoughtfulness are at the core of the Lady Massage. Please do not hesitate to express any special preference or request at any time before or during the massage.


We recommend: a warm shower before the massage and a quiet, comfortable room, shaded during the day. Your Masseuse will take care of every other aspect of the perfect setting.




Adult Massage London - The Lady



Adult Massage London use a specially formulated hypoallergenic non-staining massage oil, smoke-free candles and incense.


Please consult FAQ, Terms and Client Conduct for your perfect Adult Massage Experience.





Prices are exclusive of transport; bookings in Central London may incur a £35 taxi fare, other areas subject to quote.


Please note all bookings outside of business hours (1PM – 2AM) incur a 40% surcharge.


Adult Massage London reserve the right to change any stated price without prior notice at all times.




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